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Feel fantastic beyond what you ever thought possible

…… it’s going to happen

If you are feeling stuck and unsure how to create the life you dream of, the VIP Wellness Studio monthly membership is for you!

What is the VIP Wellness Studio?

A monthly online membership community for people who do too much and are ready to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally & spiritually


16 Online classes monthly


Pop up classes and special events


Monthly challenges







The Results

Move from feeling unmotivated and not knowing where to start, to learning and creating healthy lifestyle habits for life that you can do anytime and anywhere. Feel energized, motivated and focused to achieve the life you dreamed.

All you need to do is to ask yourself – am I ready to start today?

16 Online Classes per month

Access to 100’s of classes

Access to hundreds of classes

Our membership gets you access to unlimited library of online classes and challenges to keep you motivated.


Monthly Q&A on the topic of the Month with Shavita Kotak, Wellness Coach and founder of Wellness with Shavita, inside our private community.


Stay focused and on track, with a community of like-minded seekers of wellness and make new friends

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Membership Price

$59.00 per month
$19.00 per week

You can cancel any time

Monthly & Weekly Membership

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Shavita is host to a Facebook community Wellness with Shavita

She publishes free Yoga Videos and has a library of 100+ videos and growing.