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"Shavita introduced me to a way of living that is completely different to any diet or exercise plan I’ve ever attempted. And that’s because what she taught me isn’t a diet. It’s a way of life."

Gail Vergona

"I have been doing Shavita's classes for a few weeks now and I have found them to be really beneficial both physically and mentally. She is very easy to follow and has a lovely teaching style. I'm looking forward to continuing the class journey!"

Lina Pozzobon

"Shavita’s classes are just beautiful. They are a combination of Pilates, yoga and meditation. It’s very relaxing and I always feel wonderful afterwards. Well done to Shavita for giving us her time and beautiful energy."

Andrew Nicoli

"Great classes, I have been going for years. Shavita really cares about her pupils and is always looking for new ways to add variety to the class."

Janelle Smith

"Shavita entered my life determined to make a difference. She understood my challenges and opened my mind to the unlimited possibilities of creating a tomorrow full of energy, health and happiness. Shavita is prepared to explore all possibilities to unearth the person you seek to be. I cannot thank her enough"

Frank Grossa

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About Shavita

Shavita is an international yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, meditation teacher and wellness coach. She believes that the knowledge on living the best life possible should be available to all. She offers free online classes and regular challenges to help students on their journey into wellness. Shavita has a growing community of 1000’s internationally on her Facebook Group.

Shavita is a mother of two daughters and is an escapee of the corporate world. In 2003 after burning out on the treadmill of life, she decided to run away to India to discover how to live a healthy happy life physically, mentally and spiritually. She has been sharing her knowledge ever since and is continuing to learn and evolve as a growing being.

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Shavita is host to a Facebook community Wellness with Shavita

She publishes free Yoga Videos and has a library of 100+ videos and growing.

Free 10-day challenge

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With a library of 100+ videos…. and growing.

Your Wellness Journey starts here.

Access the free 10 mins – 10 days challenge & start your wellness journey today